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i know i'm alone if i am with or without you...

i am so bored at home! all i've done since being back is sit around doing nothing. marian and maddie are still busy with college and katherine always seems to have plans with nick or her family. i haven't even really unpacked yet, only my clothes (which all need ironing) because my grandparents were here when i moved back, for like 5 days, and there just wasnt room to sort everything. i really wish we were back in the old house. at least then i'd have room to move! this bungalow shit is bollocks. its so tiny i can't even move in my room. i step out of my bed into a load of mess, boxes and bags of stuff that i have nowhere to put. i'm not sure i'll ever manage to sort it out... i think i'll be living out of suitcases for the next two years.

we saw puppies yesterday! my mum's manager has a springer spaniel that had TEN little ones 5 weeks ago. they're finally old enough for us to go see them! they're all brown and white, and sooo cute. most of them are normal small puppy size, but there's one little runt who is adorable. he's half the size of the rest, literally the size of a kitten but sooo cute. he fell asleep in my hands! i didn't want to let him go. his name is dave too hahahaha.

i've been slightly in the wars. at the summer ball i was on the dodgems and fucked up my hand. at a&e they told me it was fractured, at the fracture clinic they said it was just soft tissue injury. thankfully its pretty much better now, aside from pain in my thumb and forefinger if i try to do anything like, open a bottle or a sachet. it was doing my head in before - i felt so useless! i had a tooth out on thursday too. kicked up a right fuss! i completely panicked, cried like a baby and then called the dentist a prick. lovely experience.......

mark. mark mark mark. i can't imagine how he sees me. it must be pretty awful. he's so vague and non-commital about everything, i have to literally hand it to him on a plate just to get him to even consider seeing me and then he fobs me off with "maybe"s and excuses. i must be quite the repulsive young hag; after all what kind of man turns down easy sex with no effort involved except to be there and get laid? quite. it is so knackering to be in love. more so with a man who doesn't even find the prospect of no-strings sex an attractive one...

only a week to go til i'm back in london. high school musical, ahoy-hoy. i am currently eagerly awaiting my independence, having something to do with my days, being in 24/7 easy reach of london shopping, and the unveiling of eli as newt the maniac's imaginary friend....
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